Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getting on with it..

Now, when you've complained about, whined about and finally published your lesser qualities, there is absolutely time to manage them... So, I took a look at my online whining and lo and behold the procrastination problem kept rearing its ugly head. I've heard somewhere that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again with the same results but expecting a different outcome, that's the definition of insanity... or something to that effect.  Appropriate though, and it made me take a little look see at my own bad habits.  Such as starting blogs without actually following through, watching television "because I deserve a break" (although no one deserves todays programs), working to keep from thinking, occupying time to keep from deciding and procrastinating to keep from committing.... Huh, not a bad list of bad habits.

Ok, what to do now... ahm, I probably need a palate cleanser for the project I'm currently working on so, I should listen "watch" something that gets me in the mood... Or I could pick a problem to work on, but that would actually call for a practical solution.... who has time for that, maybe I should look at the adverse effects of these little quirks, and you now, it's actually not that bad, I've learned to live with it so far so why not just figure out how to manage instead of change, that's really the practical solution... Or maybe I should stop procrastinating by setting attainable goals that also take into account my time and health, which means devoting time to managing my schedule and lessening non-yelding activities for long term gratification goals, such as loosing a few pounds.  Hello! I just made a decision, worked at quantifying the problem and suggested a manageable solution, and well, finished the project, on the bus... on my way to my real work...... now If I just walk home, I've ticked two boxes out of infinitive...but you know, it's a start.....

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