Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pushing on and pulling your weight...

Right, so it's been a few weeks and well, a little worse for wear, but getting closer and closer to a better person... maybe. It's hard work, working hard. Anywhoo, the trick to actually accomplishing anything out of your normal routine is, well give up.... at least give up whatever has occupied your time so far.  Aaaaand that's actually a little bit of a problem... I like my downtime and when you have to trick your self into working on downtime you need to be a little sneaky. 

For instance, the eight-plus hour work day is a little draining, especially if you are then going on to more work, different work, but more none the less.  So what to do... in the old days, you would hang about the tv or computer and watch some insipid program  with one eye, and with the other tentatively browse whatever project your working on at the moment, pick at it and the pudding you bought on the way home.. slowly pushing on with the work and steadily collecting bellyfat.. you know the deadly kind.  The result is, to say the least, not very impressive.  You've actually done a little more than nothing at all and the quality is not very commendable, plus it takes forever and the emotional load of a bad conscious when not delivering on time or for sub-quality work is rather heavy, which in turn leads to an overwhelming need for more pudding.... it's so damn good and guilt is just such a bad taste, impossible to brush out before sleeping... if you sleep at all that is. 

Ok, so since my extracurricular workload can be performed wherever there is an internet connection and relatively quiet, but not too much... I do have kids and it takes a lifetime to get out of the ambient bustle habit...I thought I'd try going to a cafe.  Most of them have internet access and some of them are reasonably priced.. but here is the clincher, you need one that's both reasonably priced and has internet access and of course is big enough for you to practically disappear from the staff with your one cup of tea or bottle of beer which should sustain you for at least an hour of productive work without prompting more purchases, cause lets face it, no one with my bad habits is flush with anything, except maybe a generous waistline. 

So that's the solution, for now, and guess what, it's working...so far.  I am getting a lot done and on time, which is good, I'm a little tired though, which is bad, but have kept up the stretch 2 to 3 times a week regime and the swim or walk 2 to 3 a week activity, which is again very good... but I'm in such bad shape and I guess oh so tired.  Well, It's time to suck it up, until at least I have a little more stamina and get paid.... then BIGGER trousers!!!

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